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Available Services

Some of our most popular services include the following. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please contact us to discuss. Chances are we can handle it, it might just not be something that comes up very often.






The most popular service we offer to the New York filmmaker community is our high quality DVD and Blu-Ray screener discs for submitting to film festivals. Our services are not limited to the New York area though - no matter where you are in the world, as long as you can upload your film to Dropbox or similar file-sharing service, we’ll take care of the rest. That includes tracked shipping to film festivals. Just give us the details of where your film needs to be, and we’ll make sure that it gets there on time!

We accept payment by credit card, all handled by secure online invoicing, as well as many other convenient payment options.

We understand that budding filmmakers, film school students, and seasoned film professionals alike all have limited budgets, while at the same time needing top-quality DVD and Blu-Ray discs to show off their hard work in the best possible way.

Our years of experience in the professional film business allow us to help you avoid the many pitfalls that you might otherwise fall into!

With authoring tools such as Scenarist, professional-grade video and audio compression systems, the highest quality blank media available, combined with decades of experience, we can help make your short film, documentary, or showreel look its absolute best!

With pricing starting at just $75 for screener discs, there’s no need to settle for semi-pro when you want to impress! Need multiple copies? Never a problem! Additional copies can be made for just a few dollars each, and each and every copy we make is verified against the original disc-image file to ensure that no “bad burns” ever escape into the wild! We understand that image is everything, and we’ll do our level best to make sure you look like a pro, even if you’re a beginner!

For DVDs, we also offer copy-protection, at just $1.50 extra per disc.

showreel twisted vivid.jpg
I was in desperate need of finding a lab to create professional quality DVD and Blueray screeners for film festivals. I found a couple of them but they were either too expensive or you had to put a big order for them to take on the job. But I was lucky enough to find Neil at Digitize Media Services NY. I called him up and he was the nicest guy you can hope to meet. He gave me two choices to either send him the master file/film over the internet or bring it in on a portable hard-drive. I sent him the film over the internet. He created a couple of screeners for me which I already sent to the Cannes Film festival. I will create more screeners with him as festivals keep requesting a DVD or Blueray copy. I really recommend this place if you are a film maker who wants to create DVD or Bluerays for your film. Thank you Neil and see you soon.
— Wigner Duarte. San Francisco, CA