Welcome To Digitize Media ServiceS NY, LLC.

At Digitize Media Services we specialize in professional-grade VIDEO & AUDIO CAPTURE AND DVD/BLU-RAY Authoring for the commercial, corporate, and consumer markets.

With more than 30 years of video & audio engineering experience, including 20 years’ experience in the professional DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring business, Digitize Media Services’ founder has authored hundreds of DVD & Blu-Ray discs for the world’s leading studios, including Paramount, Warner, Disney, HBO and Sony. By operating with minimal overheads, we are able to offer professional-grade media services at prices that no other Manhattan-based Compression & Authoring company can beat, making the highest quality accessible to both consumers and industry professionals alike. We work with an incredibly diverse range of clients on an equally diverse range of services - handling everything from authoring retail-release Blu-Ray discs, to converting home movies from VHS to DVD, to digitizing answering-machine micro-cassettes to be used as evidence in court cases!

Consumer Services

Looking to preserve your home movies by transferring to a more modern, convenient & future-proof format? We can help! Whether you’re looking to convert your tapes to DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, or digital files for upload to sites such as YouTube, we offer the ultimate in videotape digitizing services. That’s no empty promise; we use the highest quality video decks ever made, capture with the finest professional equipment money can buy, all while keeping our prices both affordable & highly competitive. Click below to learn more!


FilmMaker Services

Submitting your latest mini-masterpiece to the film festivals? We can help make your film look its absolute best! We offer a fast-turnaround service on Blu-Ray and DVD compression & authoring of screener discs.

Looking to incorporate archive videotape footage into your film? We’ve got you covered on that, too! Click below for further information!


Pro Services

We offer professional-grade video capture from a wide range of commonly-used videotape formats, such as Betacam SP, Digi-Beta, 3'/4” U-Matic, DVCAM, etc.

We also offer professional-grade DVD and Blu-Ray authoring, using Scenarist, the “Hollywood Standard” in authoring. With more than two decades experience in creating the highest quality DVDs for companies such as Sony & HBO, you can be assured that there’s no finer authoring service available anywhere, at any price. We aim to offer the best value for money available, and will always try to match or beat our competitors’ prices, while offering a higher-quality service!